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Or Looking for a Home

brown graveyard
brown graveyard
In Defiance of Oblivion

In this personal essay, I revisit my grandma's grave and reminisce about the times she and I would visit the cemetery and her future burial plot.

“Hi, Grandma.”
I had found the gravestone bearing her name.
It proclaimed, “Setsuko Y Harris” in all caps. The large capital letters translated in my mind as a shout from a monument no one could hear, as if from a ghost. I had wandered the cemetery to find this one in the multitude, searching from memory alone.

Long Story, Short Life
Novel-length project

After a chance encounter in a post office, 20-year-old Jessie and 40-year-old Sandra go from strangers to unlikely confidants. They agree they both need a friend and stay in touch. But what secret is one of them hiding, and how will it change both women forever?

white printer paper on white table
white printer paper on white table
Brave the Unknown

This is a short story I would love to one day expand into a book. It takes place in the same story universe as "Eden's Envy," and follows Cobalt "Coby" Hansen as he grapples with the decision to make the interstellar leap to serve on Kepler-186f.

"I can assure you, you’ll be exactly as you are now on the other side, having completed a generations-long voyage in under a few minutes. Isn’t that what you signed up for?”
“Yes ma’am, to see more of the universe, make something of myself with the help of the fleet. I wanted to make my planet strong and my mom proud,” said Coby.

Memories of Mother

Sarah Beekman is a mother remembering her own mother at the end of her life. Retired to an assisted living community, she attends a Christmas pageant that becomes a harrowing chase when the image of a dreadful woman begins stalking her through the halls.

No one would believe what she had seen.
It was not a chair beside her but a window, overlooking the gathering twilight in the parking lot. Staring in at her, face inches from the glass outside, she had seen a terrible monster.
No, not a monster, she thought with a chill. That was a woman, glaring at me.

woman in white floral dress beside woman in black and white polka dot shirt
woman in white floral dress beside woman in black and white polka dot shirt