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How to Start

An exercise in stream of conscious, visit the Women Who Write blog for the full article describing how I start when I sit down to write.

I study the grain of the wood within the table. Lines swirl, curl, and flow from this side to that. My gaze is trapped between two lines, following the path of negative space like a rat through a maze, a termite through its tunnels. I traverse the perpendicular direction, noting where the lines are close and far apart, expanding and contracting like a slinky. The lines thrum as my eyes sweep across them. They are the vibrating strings of a guitar, a silent sound wave, a petrified chord.

woman covering her face with red apple
woman covering her face with red apple

Eden's Envy

This short science fiction thriller will send you reeling faster than an unanchored punch in zero gravity. Three astronauts study the life forms of a newly discovered planet brimming with biological treasures, Eden's envy. Read the full story on Medium.

She would tell Jerry today. She had waited to be certain it was safe. She felt fine, and it was all the more delicious for its forbiddenness.

“Jerry, come here, I want to show you something!”

“Something wrong?” he asked, floating to the ship’s laboratory. Jerry was the mission leader, the ship’s engineer, and her husband. He was accustomed to something being wrong when called.

“No, look at this,” Rachel held out the fruit.